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In Tuscany

Sergi Belbel
Scene 1

Bedroom. Mark and Joanna. Sitting on the bed. Smiling. They slowly undress. They kiss and caress each other as they talk.

MARK: I have a headache.
JOANNA: Did you take something for it?
MARK: Yes.
JOANNA: What’s wrong?
MARK: Nothing... It’s like always. (He smiles.) Well, worse. I mean... (Pause.) You know.
MARK: It doesn’t matter, I’d rather not talk about it.
JOANNA: That’s how you’ll fix it?
MARK: What.
JOANNA: The problem you’re having.
MARK: You think I have a problem?
JOANNA: I don’t know, you tell me.
MARK: I don’t have any problems.
JOANNA: You’re not well. How long have you been like this?
MARK: I don’t know, you tell me.
JOANNA: You want me to tell you?
MARK: I don’t know if I want you to tell me. I don’t know.
JOANNA: You’ve been like this for a long time. Too long. And I can’t solve the problem for you.
MARK: You can’t.
JOANNA: No. But...
MARK: But what...?
JOANNA: At least...
MARK: What...?
JOANNA: For a few days, the two of us will be alone... Like before.
MARK: What do you mean?
JOANNA: “I’ll never find another moment of happiness like this in my entire life.” When and where did you say that to me?
MARK: A long time ago. With you. (Pause.) In Tuscany.

Disponible al web Catalandrama, 2009.
Traducido por Sharon G. Feldman
Sharon G. Feldman, 2014.
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