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Cristina Clemente
CANDELA: Everyone sees it but him, because he does things any which way. You want a cork? Go ahead, open up the fridge, and grab a cork! You know what the problem is, if he does that? He’ll end up with the first cork he finds.
LANCE: And it’ll be a lousy cork?
CANDELA: It might be.
ANNA: No, if he does his research…
LANCE: And can't it be that maybe he likes the first cork he grabs?
CANDELA: If he’s a conformist, yes. But if he’s not, maybe he aspires to something better, and he wants to find a better cork. And now, let him explain to us how he wants this cork to be.
LANCE: Are you saying that I’m fine with the first cork I find?
CANDELA: I’m saying that, if you grab the first cork, you’ll no longer be able to look for a better one, because, since you’ve already found it, you’ll no longer need a cork. But there are other corks that you’re missing out on and that might be better.
LANCE: I repeat. And if I’m taken with the first cork I find?
CANDELA: Well, that’s unfortunate, because you won’t be able to look for another.
LANCE: It’s just that I don’t need to look for another, because I no longer need one.
CANDELA: That’s the problem: that you don’t aspire to get to know other types of corks. How many corks are there in the world that you’ve never seen?
LANCE: Now you want me to go to South America to look for a cork?
CANDELA: You don’t need to go to South America. There are corks you’ve never met on First Avenue, too.
LANCE: That’s the problem: that you want to meet other corks.
Disponible al web Catalandrama, 2013.
Traducido por Sharon G. Feldman
Sharon G. Feldman, 2014.
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