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It's Raining in Barcelona

Pau Miró

In the bedroom. Nighttime. There is a woman on the bed. Her name is Lali. She wears a blue velvet dress and is polishing her fingernails. She has a box of candy next to her. She is barefoot.
Sitting in the chair is Carlos, wearing a t-shirt and grey pants. He holds a candy wrapper in his hand and reads slowly:

CARLOS: “One evening, I took Beauty in my arms. And I thought her bitter.”
LALI: That’s nice.
CARLOS: Who is it?
LALI: It’s... What’s the name of the one from the other day?
LALI: Dante?
CARLOS: No. Another.
LALI: Shit, now I can’t remember any of them.
CARLOS: Should I tell you?
LALI: Yes.
CARLOS: Rimbaud
LALI: Rimbaud?
CARLOS: A French poet (1854-1891).
LALI: That’s OK. This one hadn’t come up before, right?
CARLOS: I don’t think so.
LALI: Read it again.
CARLOS: “One evening, I took Beauty in my arms. And I thought her bitter.”
LALI: Of course, it means that...
LALI: That beauty is sometimes bitter.

A: Barcelona Plays: A Collection of New Works by Catalan Playwrights. Nova York: Martin E. Segal, 2008.
Traducido por Sharon G. Feldman
Sharon G. Feldman, 2014.
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