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Not somewhere else, but here

Courage Her face in the leaves the polygons
of the paving Her out of touch
Courage to breathe The death of October
Spilt wine The unbuilt house The unmade life
Graffiti without memory grown conventional
scrawling the least wall god loves you voice of the ghetto
Death of the city Her face
sleeping Her quick stride Her
running Search for a private space The city
caving in from within The lessons badly
learned Or not at all The unbuilt world
This one love flowing Touching other
lives Spilt love The least wall caving
To have enough courage The life that must be lived
in terrible October
Sudden immersion in yellows streaked blood The fast rain
Faces Inscriptions Trying to teach
unlearnable lessons October This one love
Repetitions from other lives The deaths
that must be lived Denials Blank walls
Our quick stride side by side Her fugue
Bad air in the tunnels voice of the ghetto god loves you
My face pale in the window anger is pale
the blood shrinks to the heart
the head severed it does not pay to feel
Her face The fast rain tearing Courage
to feel this To tell of this to be alive
Trying to learn unteachable lessons
The fugue Blood in my eyes The careful sutures
ripped open The hands that touch me Shall it be said
I am not alone
Spilt love seeking its level flooding other
lives that must be lived not somewhere else
but here seeing through blood nothing is lost
Adrienne Rich,  De The dream of a common language (1978)
Adrienne Rich
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