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Les primaveres i les tardors

Baltasar Porcel
Springs and Autumns
“The southwester shook the night with its insistent howling, driving the trees to invisible spasms. Clouds of smoke swirled back down the chimney and snorted out the hearth, spreading tumultuous gusts, converting the vast hall into a mass of nebulous uncertainty. Irritating clouds of smoke turned the people into shadows. Coughing and cursing broke out. Someone ran to open the door and windows and managed to clear the air. And then the Taltavulls slowly emerged from amid the smoke, young and old, close and distant relatives.”
Traduït per John L. Getman
Baltasar Porcel, Springs and Autumns. PORCEL, Baltasar. Springs and Autumns. Translated by John L. Getman. Fayetteville: The University of Arkansas Press, 2000
Baltasar Porcel, Frankfurt, 2007, Institut Ramon Llull
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