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Poesia. Edició crítica

Joan Maragall
The blind cow

Bumping her head from stump to stump,
advancing aimlessly along the watering lane,
the cow goes all alone. She is blind.
With a stone thrown much too hard,
a shepherd-boy put out one eye, while a scale
has formed over the other: the cow is blind.
She wends her way as always to the fount,
but not with the steady gait of former times,
nor with her erstwhile companions: she is quite alone.
Her companions, scattered among vales and hollows,
in the meadow’s silence near the river,
tinkle their cowbells as they browse at random
among the fresh grass… She would fall.
She strikes her mouth against the pointed rail
and recoils, offended… But then returns,
lowers her head to the water and calmly drinks.
She drinks but little, having little thirst.
Then, lifting toward heaven her enormous,
horn-crowned head, in one great tragic gesture,
she blinks her lids above dead pupils, and returns,
orphaned of light, beneath a burning sun
and staggers back along unforgettable paths,
languidly twitching her long tail as she goes.

MARAGALL, Joan. “The blind cow” (“La vaca cega”). Traducció de Joseph Daries, amb l’assessorament de J. M. Coromines. Document de l’Arxiu Maragall.

The blind cow

Striking her head against every other tree
Groping her way by the path to the pond
Comes the cow all alone. She is blind.
With a stone thrown with a dexterous arm
A shepherd lad has cast out one of her eyes
Over the other a curtain fell: the cow is blind.
She goes to water to the fountain as in times past
But not with steadfast sureness of bygone days
Nor with her mates, no: she comes all alone.
Her companions through hill and dale,
Through the silence of the fields and by the stream
Sound their bells while they browse
Fortuitously upon the fresh grass. She would fall.
Her mouth strikes the timeworn trough
And she withdraws abashed… But she returns,
Lowers her head to the water and drinks at ease.
Not much for she is hardly thirsty. Then, she raises
Toward Heaven, immense, her horny top
With a great tragic gesture; she twinkles upon
Her beclouded pupils and returns,
Orphan of light under the glowing sun
Hesitating through unforgettable paths
Sluggishly swinging her lengthy tail.

Traduït per R. A. Casás
Joan Maragall, The blind cow. Document de l’Arxiu Maragall.
Joan Maragall
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