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Translations of catalan literature

Thanks to translations, Catalan literature has been able to increase its reading public, and the influence of its works on readers abroad has helped to make the complexity of the Catalan situation known around the world.

Literary works written in Catalan have been translated into some twenty languages. Most of the translations have understandably been into Spanish, followed by French, English and German. But there are also translations into most of the other European languages. For example, a large number of Catalan writers can be read in Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian and Hungarian. Novels with the most international appeal have also been translated into Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese.

This website includes a short essay on each author and a list of original titles and translations. Extracts from works are also provided. This is not a definitive catalogue of Catalan authors but a list that will be constantly added to and expanded in order eventually to provide a picture of the Catalan literary heritage that is available to the foreign reading public. The notes on the authors and the extracts are therefore shown in all the languages for which we have been able to find a translator.

Isabel Banal: Allez, 2004, figures d'escaiola, mocadors de fer farcells, maletes i bosses de viatge.
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