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L’edat d’or

Francesc Parcerisas
On the platform, the good-bye carries the weight
of what we know to be absolutely unavoidable
-the burning ballast that will bring down
the rare hopes we deceive life with.
My spirit is this monumental station,
battered and grayish, with weathered suitcases and parcels
heaped in disorder under the lashing wind.
The worst is over, yet the good-bye
has left us empty and stripped of what we have lived,
and the bustle of the city presses us
to give ourselves over to desolate random images.
Only when the uproar sweeps us away
and we forget to reproach ourselves for so many,
many furtive unfounded dreams, do we notice
the music streaming from an apartment above, the smiling girl
and even the extemporaneous rooster that playfully sings
beneath the splendorous afternoon sun.
Translated by D. Sam Abrams
Francesc Parcerisas, Good-bye. PARCERISAS, Francesc. The golden age. [Edició bilingüe]. Barcelona: Institut d’Estudis nord-americans, 1991.
Francesc Parcerisas, 2005
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