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Joan Navarro


Before the insect comes to the world of air and dances the endless dance and draws the frenzied curves of the tremor: Before the fertilization of the orchid: Before the honey birth: Come: Bread of Angels: Black constellation of light: Flower cotton: Come.


Time shrank and expanded: It dissolved and condensed: The wheel rubbed the surface of the hours: The wheel: The calculus of nothingness: The infinite series: The maize grain: The nostalgia of warm waters: The persistence of the amniotic night: Reptile: Archipelago of lichens.


Lens. Eye. Curb of hollowness. Pollen granule. Desire to have seen the forest thunderstruck: Duration of being protected by absence: Repetition and return: The laurel forest: The revelation of what is not visible: The abandonment of the gaze that kneads words: Ashes: The voice of your body: The algebra of ferns.


Drypoint you are engraving the fire in the grotto, the rip and the tundra, the thirst and the spring: The name of time: The incisions of pain: The warp of memory. With the gouge and the burin you are grooving the black ascent, the hollow foam of the shipwrecked boat: Wood, marble and metal: Whisper of the last prayer.


Lying on the stones, I glimpse the shape of the arch which is falling down: The hills of the  wild planet: The bark of the bird and the ephemeral fires at the frontier: The charcoal ring: The charcoal: The heart’s tool: The fescue and the smoke: The concave dance: This slowness of words:
Translated by Pilar Segarra
Joan Navarro, Writings·Incisions. València: Diálogo, 2010. [Amb el pintor Pere Salinas]
Joan Navarro, 2008. Foto: Markus Gudel
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