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A hores petites

Joan Vinyoli
Self-Portrait at Sixy-Five

Look, I have the red face
of an old satyr. What a winy
colour of life lived to the hilt,
unredeemable by now. Empty glasses.
Yet I pick grapes with false glee
and get drunk on the wine
of the years.And I reel, groping
at walls of darkness, never touching
the apricot body of any woman,
because I am no longer in love.
A wasted time
of life this is, for floundering about.

Translated by Deborah Bonner
Joan Vinyoli, Self-Portrait at Sixy-Five . A: Catalan Writing 8 [Barcelona: ILC] (abril 1992), p.35
Joan Vinyoli al bar El Velódromo, 1978. Foto: Jordi Nebot
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