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De veu en veu: obra poètica I (1960-1999)

Lluís Solà
This murmur. This...

This murmur. This
silence. This plum tree
which is dying by stages
from the impossibility
of living. This absence.

The stairway of moon and light
steps bloody with leaves,
pine cones crushed
by other autumns, somnambulant
prayers and hymns
that slip away and fall again
from so much reality.
The persistent stairway.

This frugal foundation.
This quiet abandon. This
fury and this tenderness.

This loving
expanse of the universe.

Translated by Richard Gwyn i Sadurní Vergés
Lluís Solà, This murmur. This.... A: Poetry Wales, vol. 42, núm. 1. (Estiu 2006), p. 42.
Lluís Solà, 2012. Foto: Àngels Jordà
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