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Translated Books of Joan Maragall

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Count Arnau & other poems of Joan Maragall [El comte Arnau]. Translation by Michael Odom. Maostrap Books, 2017.
One Day of Life is Life Joan Maragall [Antologia poètica]. Translation by Ronald Puppo. Londres/Barcelona: Fum  d'Estampa Press, 2020
Elogio della parola e della poesia [Elogi de la paraula i altres escrits]. Translation by Nancy De Benedetto. [Introducció de Francesco Ardolino]. Nàpols: Tullio Pironti Editore, 2011.
Excelsior [Visions&Cants]. Translation by Nicolae Coman. Bucarest: Meronia, 2011. [Antologia]
Joan Maragall
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