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Poemes de l´alquimista 1936-1950

Josep Palau i Fabre
The blue Danube
Blue was born in the sea to flood us. It flooded the room, it flooded thought. The tablecloth turned blue before lunch and we can’t touch a single fruit that isn’t blue nor can we eat anything but blue light…

Blue eyes see everything blue. And green eyes, everything green? And black ones, everything black? But our eyes change colors every moment and we delude ourselves into thinking that actually things are what change. Only blue eyes have this property of permanence. Nothing can modify a blue view of things. And thought’s boat, the same as a row boat, sails across the blue.

Blue dyes and fades. It synchronizes with time. There are blue ailments, blue hours, blue melodies. Blue is always musical, from ultramarine to the clear sky. The shepherd’s flute is blue. There are blue loves. They are the ones that always remain pure, when the lovers sail one inside the other’s eyes. If silence accompanies them, the blue stays intact, and they can come to a blue kiss or a blue embrace… Blue is purer than white, which is inciting, exciting, nervous, metallic. The Holy Mother dresses in blue or wears, at least, a blue border.

A blue ribbon in girl’s hair and you don’t dare to touch them.
Translated by D. Sam Abrams
Josep Palau i Fabre, The blue Danube
. ABRAMS, Sam (ed.), Five Faces. Barcelona: Institut d’Estudis Nord-Americans, 1994, p. 37 i 39.
Josep Palau i Fabre
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